Automating Infoblox

In: Automation

At the current rate of new customer installation, management of DHCP pools has become tiresome. The ultimate goal will be for Zabbix to perform a LLD on Infoblox getting all the available DHCP pools and creating items to monitor the usage. Then we could graph them in Grafana and alert as pools get near 90% triggering a salt minion to provision a new network. Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet.

Here is a quick class for seeing the high precentage DHCP pools. In the future I'll add more functionality, but for now this gave me what I needed. The important piece here is seen below.


For some reason, I had a tough time finding "dhcp_utilization" and found that I needed to add it as an additional 'return_field'.

GitHub - MajesticFalcon/infoblox_tools
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